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Sorry, we know it sounds funny, but you can't buy a tarp from us. Tarps aren't what we make. We're in the protection business. Protection of your products and plant from weather, dust and static electricity. Protection of your bottom line by saving you on warehouse costs. Protection of your peace of mind.

Before we'll let you buy a cover from us, we'll help you decide a lot of important details like "How long do I need the tarp or cover to last?", "How will heat build up underneath the tarp and what problems could that cause?" or "What shape cover would be the cheapest and still give me full protection?" Once we know better what you want to protect and from what elements, we'll recommend the right material, thickness, color, strength, elasticity and fastening system.

We may recommend our DuraShield™ 8000FR material, probably the toughest lightweight fire retardant tarp material available. DS8000FR's unique design of single filament nylon strands as reinforcement between layers of virgin polyethylene will conform to even the most unusual shapes with minimal risk of puncture. And if a tear should happen, the nylon strands will keep it from spreading.

Or you may decide that our rugged DuraShield™ 8000 woven reinforced material, configured into a custom-sized, black/white five sided cover, gives you the protection you need.

Across the country, schools and universities, utilities and municipalities, construction and manufacturing companies as well as transportation firms rely on to protect their assets and bottom line.

ThoroShield 550 consists of two sheets of high-strength virgin polyethylene film laminated together with a third layer of molten polyethylene. A heavy-duty scrim reinforcement placed between these plies enhances tear resistance and increases service life.

ThoroShield 550 is a nominal 6 mil, very clear, lightweight, yet highly tear-resistant, making it an ideal choice for building enclosures, abatement applications, temporary walls, covers, etc. ThoroShield 550 is offered in a variety of stock roll sizes; Standard widths range from 6.167’ to 40’ with custom widths available.

We Can Create a Cover for Anything

Selecting the right material for the protection you need is only the first step. Now we can cut it, seal it, shape it, hem it, stencil it, grommet it and in other ways make your cover or liner exactly fit your application.

Maybe you need simple stock rolls, ideal for flexible shipping and storage protection. Easily cut and field fabricated,'s various grades of DuraShield woven reinforced materials can be fabricated around, under or over any weather protection requirement.

Or consider five-sided dimensional covers, for form-fitted durability. Specify hook and loop fastener closures, D-rings, drawstrings, pouches, portable grommets and protrusions to match your shipping and storage needs. These box covers are economical enough for one way cartage, yet strong enough to give you continued reusability.

Grommeted tarpaulins are often the most versatile protection choice. Manufactured with brass eyelets and reinforced hems, these tarps can be sized to fit any opening or object and are easily adapted to many special applications requiring lightweight superstrength coverings like dust partitions, enclosures and rain covers. For example,'s DuraShield 10000 clear, fabricated to fit any scaffolding, is the strongest clear tarp in the world. And our heavyweight vinyl coated nylons make the best truck covers on the road.