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No matter what product you make, your customer expects to receive it in the same shape it was when it left your shop floor. No paint chips from rocks, rust from rain or smudges from diesel smoke encountered on the road. Don't leave over the road protection up to the transportation company. Invest in a custom-created tarp to protect your goods . . . and your livelihood. has practical and cost efficient reinforced one-way or returnable shipping cover alternatives.

Cover big, bulky equipment with ThoroShield 1850, heavy duty vinyl coated nylon designed for the long haul. If your products are already crated or boxed, but are too large to ship common carrier, get a five-sided cover made from one of our DuraShieldô line of products. Both of these tarps can be finished with grommets, D-rings, pipe loops and hook and loop fasteners, depending on your tie-down needs. tarps can also enlarge your plant. Consider rugged, long-lasting covers made from ThoroShield 850 as an economical alternative to building or renting warehouse space to accommodate seasonal purchases or production runs, or "couldn't pass it up" truckload purchases. The right cover can protect roll stock from water damage while freeing up warehouse and production space. Both DuraShield and ThoroShield covers are made from multilayered, reinforced material that has been coated with UV light inhibitors which will keep out snow and rain far longer than run-of-the-mill tarps.

If you do add on to the plant, contain the construction dust or build temporary "rooms" within your plant by suspending flat, grommeted tarps from the ceiling for security and energy conservation.