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Tarps for Telecommunications

  • Telephone and electric utilities with sensitive digital equipment to protect need DuraShield™ 8000ASFR with its antistatic and fire retardant properties:

    • Prefinished Tarpaulins with double needle lock-stitched rope enclosed hems, non-sparking solid brass #2 (3/8" ID) grommets @ 2' centers, pre-tied 4' lengths of rope through each grommet, individually poly bagged. Available for quick shipment.
      Prefinished sizes: 8' x 10', 10' x 12', 12' x 15'

    • Stock Rolls with cut edge hems, folded on width to 5', rolled on length; intended for pulling off amount needed and cutting to size. Available for quick shipment.
      Roll sizes: 12' x 100', 24' x 100', 12' x 250', 12' x 500', 24' x 320'

    • Rain Drain Kits for immediate protection in any emergency. Protect your revenue lifeline from water, dust and electrostatic discharge. Available for quick shipment.

    • Configure your own custom sized sheet or tarp

  • Aerial closures that are fatigued, cracked and leaky can be inexpensively protected with's Genuine ThoroShield 1200 SlickSeal Closure Cocoon™, a semi-permanent protective covering for overhead plant installations.

All fire retardant materials come in your choice of colors to allow color coding of the hazard. For example, use white for construction zones, yellow for maintenance areas and green for clean, contamination-free areas.