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25 cents today but $867.18 the next time it rains! Less than $25 today, and peace of mind for up to 3 years

Bag that garbage (bag) you've been thinking about using, for good!
Defective aerial closures that are fatigued, cracked and leaky are the number one cause for repetitive service calls and lost customer satisfaction with overhead plant installations. And of course, it always happens at the worst possible time... in the middle of a driving rain, sleet, or snow blizzard. Insist on superior unobtrusive protection with our Genuine ThoroShield 1200 SlickSeal Closure Cocoon™ until you have the manpower & materials to replace your defective aerial closure boxes.

SlickSeal Cocoons™ are a fast and inexpensive semi-permanent solution that should be carried on every service vehicle you have in the field. Samples, specs & pricing available on our entire Telecom Protection line. Contact us at

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